To impact and change the lives of children around the world through missions for Christ by providing life sustaining necessities, sending, supporting and maintaining mission teams, construction and the sponsoring of children in order to lead them to Christ and break the cycle of poverty.

We fulfill this mission with five focal strategies:

  1. Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

  2. Promoting the establishment, growth and maturing of churches

  3. Mobilizing others to missions

  4. Provide for construction of homes, schools, churches, and orphanages

  5. Provide food programs, clothing, equipment, educational supplies, and  personal hygiene items to children

All of these points are overarching pieces that will guide us in this venture. The five points mentioned above are the strategies and each has several tactics. The fundamental goal of the mission will be to implement our mission model in various countries and improve the lives of the children in the local areas.

We will accomplish our mission by promoting the establishment, growth and maturing of churches. This will be key as we must support the environment to grow the new Christians in the area. We will create a separate church growth plan with local pastors to include servanthood with the lay leaders as it relates to children and youth.

This may lead to formal leadership seminars and church focused events in the local areas to attract children and families. We will eventually need to deliver programs of this nature either that we develop or from strategic Christian partners. The next piece is mobilizing others to missions. We will want to develop a creative, consistent message to churches in the more rural areas that do not have a foreign mission focus currently.

The next strategic point is to provide for construction and repair of local homes, schools, churches, and orphanages. Related to this is our last strategic point which is to provide food programs, equipment, educational supplies, and personal hygiene items to children. We want to have an impact on their physical health as well.

Donated funds—we are motivated to be good stewards of all contributions and we pledge to appropriate a minimum of 80% of all collected funds through Servant’s Heart Ministry to the activities of the mission and to the benefit of the children. We will raise these funds by soliciting individuals, Christian organizations and corporations (both public and private).

Changing lives ... One child at a time!

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