Esperanza, Dominican Republic

The first Giving Life: Food Program is underway. We started feeding deserving children on January 5th, 2010. Our initial enrollment began with 74 children and is being run by Pastor Francisco Colon and his wife along with many volunteers from the community. It made perfect sense that God led us to begin this ministry in Esperanza, after all, Esperanza means HOPE!

Currently, we are feeding these children twice a week with hopes of feeding them 5 days a week. In addition to receiving a meal, all the children get the opportunity to participate in bible activities and learn about Jesus and the promise he has made to all of us.

In February 2010, we were able to increase the number of children being reached to 101. In June 2010, we once again were able to add an additional 25 children for a total of 126. It is extremely exciting to see the renewed energy, renewed hope and renewed joy on the faces of these children. When their life was bleak and seemed unchangeable, Jesus came to them through this ministry by providing them with nourishment when they needed it most but most importantly a love that that can only come from Jesus.

Las Canoas – Azua, Dominican Republic

In June 2010, we begin our second food program in the community of Las Canoas. This is a small rural village on the outskirts of Azua.We initially enrolled 121 children in this program. 

Pastor Nelson Mendez and his wife will be administering this program along with a few other community volunteers. We are so blessed to have Pastor Nelson as a partner in this endeavor. We are in the process of setting up and planting a church in this community to assist Pastor Nelson in his calling to lead the people to Christ.

Valla Hondito – San Juan, Dominican Republic

In June 2010, we established our third food program near Las Canoas in a remote village of San Juan called Valla Hondito. 69 children have been enrolled in this program and Pastor Nelson will be administering this program as well. It is absolutely amazing to see how God has placed the right people in our path. Without faithful Christians such as Nelson and his wife we would not be able to reach these children. A church plant in this community has already begun, Pastor Nelson is holding Sunday services at the food program facility. Plans are underway to build a new facility to house both the church and our food program as we are already in need of space. There are many more children to reach in this community.

Give a child hope for the future — and for all eternity.

Changing lives ... One child at a time!

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